To order a painting, please send me at least 3 clear, color photographs of any size, and indicate your favorite. They will be returned to you with the painting. I’ll need at least one close-up of your pet’s face.

I am copying your photo; therefore, your painting can only be as good as the photographs you provide. My main objective is to capture your pet’s personality and spirit.

I would appreciate it if you would tell me a little about your pet to help me understand him/her. Is your pet playful and mischievous, or calm and insightful?

Once I have completed the painting, I will send you its digital photograph via email. You can either accept the painting or request changes. After the changes have been made, I will send another photograph. If you approve the painting, I will send you a PayPal invoice via email asking for the balance due. Once I have received payment, I will have the painting shipped to you.

In an effort to focus on your pet, I suggest that the background be plain or abstract; however, upon request, I can do an authentic-looking background. Price will vary depending upon the level of difficulty.

Base price:

Up to 9”X12”     $280 – the price is for one pet, plain background.

Larger size paintings are available upon request; price may vary accordingly.

I require a 50% good faith deposit before beginning the painting.

Professional packing and shipping charges will be added to the balance due.